Monday, September 13, 2010

Amazing Morning...Amazing Daughter...Amazing Mom...AMAZING LIFE

I am so blessed!

My birthday is on Friday and we've been sort of joking around here about my birthday week. My Mom used to do little things that sometimes made it feel like we had a birthday week. Nothing major or expensive just little things. I told my husband I didn't have any needs or specific wants for my birthday, but I would love for my kitchen to be finished. It only needs a few small things and it will be completely finished. On Saturday he spent his morning putting the hardware on the rest of our cabinets. I was joking with him about that being the start of my birthday week. He said weeks begin on Monday, so if I even got to have a birthday week it wouldn't start until then. So that's the preface of the story.

Well this morning I woke up and laying on the bathroom vanity I had a note from my daughter. Here's what it said:
You are an amazing mom and I hope to be a mom like you are. Thank you for everything, thank you for cooking and cleaning, listening and understanding, disciplining and loving, buying and making, rocking and feeding, worrying and praying, reorganizing and redoing, driving and walking, teaching and preparing, reading and searching, being joyful and being kind, putting up with and paying attention to, forgiving and forgetting, weeping and smiling, being there for and getting ready, giving us a roof over our head and a bed to sleep in. Your children that you love so much, you can't even put it into words (and anyone else you com in contact with) all say thank you. But most importantly thank you for following God and having a relationship with Him (we wouldn't be here if you hadn't). Happy Birthday Week!

Ummmm.....WOW!!!!! I really don't even have words....that my 12 year old daughter would sit down and come up with those words for me....seriously.....I am so unworthy of that, but so very thankful for this Amazing life He has given me!

Then to top that off I walked into my kitchen and there was a little gift bag on the counter. The card said Happy Birthday Week, Monday and it was in my Mom's handwriting. There was a really cute necklace and earring set inside.

Needless to say, I plan to spend this week, thanking Him for another year. Asking Him what He wants me to do in the next one and reflecting on and praising Him for all that He has blessed me with!

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Leisha said...

Kristie - I am so glad you took the time to introduce yourself via my blog....seems we have much in common ;-) I started celebrating Birthday Week last year before my 45th - I highly recommend it and will be celebrating right around this time next month as a matter of fact - please keep blogging about it - I may use some of the ideas to plan my week ahead of time - LOL.
Thanks so much for the offer to help me with sewing - I would LOVE to take you up on it!!
Happy Birthday Week - Day 1 ;-)