Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To-Do Today

(The ones in yellow are ones I have completed)

I have got to be busy, busy today. Maybe if I share my list here I'll be more motivated to accomplish the things that are on it:
~School with the kids
~Make laundry detergent
~Make dishwasher detergent
~Make 4 checkbook covers
~Pay bills
Edited to add :
~Wash the shower curtain and bathroom rugs
~Bleach the grout around the tub
~Clean the tub and tub walls (I bleached them and wiped them and rinsed them off, but my back was hurting to bad to give them the scrubbing they needed.)
~Run oven through self-clean
~Do two loads of laundry
Those are the MUSTS.
Here are the other things I hope to accomplish:
~Make an additional checkbook cover and 2 key wristlets
~Clean off my dresser and finish cleaning my sewing area
~ Attach the border to my quilt
~Prepare my quilt for quilting
~Practice Free motion quilting

It is a lot, but the detergents take very little of my time, I can do other things while my machine is embroidering, including sewing. So, if I stay on task today I should be able to accomplish most of what is on this list.

Update : I got a LOT done. Not everything I wanted to, but a LOT. Maybe I need to post my to-do list here everyday.....

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