Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To-Do Today

Today's have to list is a little lighter as my day is a little shorter because I'm going to lunch with my Dad and I have a staff meeting and church this evening.

Have tos:
~School with the kids
~Pay Bills
~Cook supper (I have to do this early because I leave at 4)
~Make one key wristlet and a checkbook cover
~At least two loads of laundry
~Order more checkbook covers
~Bottle laundry detergent that was made yesterday (It has to sit overnight before bottling)

Want tos:
~Clean off my desk
~Clean off my dresser
~Straighten sewing area

Update : I've removed all of the extra sewing off of my want to list for the day. I'm having a lot of trouble with mylower back and as of yesterday my right shoulder and neck and I just cannot sit and bend over sewing right now. I'll have to leave those off until I'm feeling much better. Guess I'll keep busy with things that keep me moving. (I am on my 3rd load of laundry for the day.)

1 comment:

cahanbury said...

I like this approach to list-making--have tos and want tos. Might try it.