Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Casually Feminine

The Family Revised began hosting Casually Feminine last week and the topic was pajamas. I didn't get in on the action then, so I'll update that part now. What I wear to bed greatly depends on the temp. Our house is very old and does not have central heat and air, so in the winter I dress VERY warm and in the summer I don't. Winter wear is usually pajama pants or sweat pants and a pajama shirt or sweat shirt with socks. Some of my pjs are kind of cute and some, not so much. In the summer it's usually just a t-shirt or tank top and undies. I do have a few spaghetti strap nightgowns that I will wear if it's super hot, but I don't like nightgowns, I get all tangled up in them. I am thinking of investing in a few more feminine t-shirt night gowns. We shall see. My hubby has no complaints about what I wear to bed, but I am trying to look more feminine most of the time.

Today's topic is hair. What a topic for me. I love my hair. I love to style it all different ways, it's fun and my hubby loves my hair, too. I have had it short several times over the years, but always end up growing it back out. I keep layers cut in it so it's very versatile. I have some natural wave, so I'm able to wear it curly if I use curl spray and scrunch it, that's a very quick fix for me after I have showered, so that happens fairly often.
This pic is when my hair was shorter and darker, but you get the point of the curliness.

I also wear my hair straight fairly often. I usually just let it dry by itself or do a quick blow dry and then run the flat iron through it. If I do that then I had some volume at the crown. I'm no fan of flat hair. If I'm just hanging around the house I may not add the volume, I might just brush it out, but because of the layers it still looks like it has a style.I don't know why that pic is so tiny, but it is. I couldn't make it any bigger.

I also like to curl my hair. I do this with a curling iron and it takes me about 15 minutes from start to finish. I usually do that for date night or if I'm getting dressed up or sometimes just because I want to. My husband likes BIG hair, so this really suits his fancy.I also do the occasional ponytail or pull just the sides back in a clip or put my bangs back in a bobby pins with some volume. If I'm going out and wear a ponytail I'll add some volume at the crown then put it up and let my bangs sweep to the side. If I'm wearing a ponytail at home I put it all back.

As you can see from the pics my hair is colored. It has been MANY colors over the years. I love coloring it. I would change the color more often if I could, but it seems I've settled into the blonde. My husband really likes it, it doesn't require much maintenance (I only have to have it done every 2-3 months) and it hides my gray really well. I have a gray streak in my bangs (thanks DAD!) and when I was doing the darker colors I had to color it every 3-4 weeks. Not fun, but at 33 I refuse to look like a skunk. I started coloring it when I was 14, why in the world would I stop now. LOL

So that's the lowdown on my hair. I think most days it looks pretty feminine and like I've done something to it. I do not ever spend more than 15-20 minutes on it and most of the time it's much less time than that.

Hop on over to The Family Revised to read what others have to say about their hair.


~*Lisa*~ said...

I liked this post! I LOVE PJ's winter time I have some VS long sleeve T-shirt gowns (look them up they are wonderful you won't get tangled up) Summer time I like tanks and shorty shorts with two fans going ha ha ha

Hair UGHHH that's where I get lost I am not good at such things and thus the reason since you have known me I have had the exact same hair style ha ha ha

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

You have lovely hair!

Nice to "meet" you. I hope to get in on Brenda's Casually Feminine action next week.

Denise :) said...

Love this! My pj's ... never mind. My hair ... totally my husband's doing! He loves long, wavy hair, so I try to wear it curled whenever I can. Thing is, mine is fine and board straight, so if there's *any* moisture in the air at all, it lasts for about ten minutes! :)

Brenda said...

I agree with JulieMom--having some natural wave is a blessing! You look so different in every picture. You are very blessed to have a husband that loves your hair. :) All the pictures you shared are lovely. Thanks for joining in!

squeeli2 said...

I actually have VERY little natural wave, but some. If you'd like to have some scrunchy curls I HIGHLY recommend trying some curl spray (I use Got2B curled up) and then some Aussie sprunch spray. I spray the curl spray on when it's wet, then I scrunch it with a blow dryer. I finish it by spraying the sprunch spray and scrunching again. Scrunching is basically wadding your hair up in your hand.