Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitchen Gadgets I Love #5

I got one of these measuring cups for Christmas a couple of years ago. The 4 cup one cost about $10. Which I would have never paid for a measuring cup, so I put it on my wishlist and got it. :) I LOVE it. I would now like to have the 2 cup one as well. The way that these are made allows you to look down into them as you pour to see your measurements. No more leaning down to see things sitting on the cabinet or trying to hod them up level. I also love that the 4 cup one goes all the way down to 1/4 cup measurement, so I can use it for almost anything. You should definitely have one!

P.S. I have recently seen that Wilton and Pampered Chef have something very similar.


Leslie said...

Hi Kristie,

I exited before I could see if my comments "took", so if they end up here twice, you'll know why.

No problem on the books! I totally understand life getting in the way and getting things mailed is always a challenge. I hope things have been crazy in a good way.

Here's Rebecca's blog address:

Thanks for the idea on playing games with schoolwork too. I think Isaiah would like that (as long as he got to pick the games).

Hope you have a great day!


Kristy K said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm following you now too! I've wanted one of these measuring cups since I saw them at Christmastime. Anything to help me out in the kitchen is good :).