Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Sign for Mason (and his Momma made it)

I posted this on my FB page, so if you are friends with me there and are seeing this twice, please forgive me, that probably happens often. I only have so much material ya know.

I am not what I would consider to be artistic. I am however what I would call crafty and I do consider them to be two different things. I don't often have artistic design ideas on my own, but I do often see something and think "maybe I could do that". I try lots of different things. It works well for me because my attention span is short, so I just have lots of different hobbies and bounce from one to the other and back again.

I've been seeing a lot of those cute little canvas signs that people are painting lately and thought I'd like to try one. I looked at canvas today (while I was at the store picking up my prescriptions, blahhhh). I decided I didn't want to spend $6 on a 8x10 stretched canvas in case I wasn't any good at it. So I bought 3 8x10 wrapped canvasses for about $4. I thought that would give me more opportunity for practice, too. As I was looking at them Kelsi asked what I would do with them and Mason immediately chimed in and said, "I want a sign for my door, with my name on it." So, I tried it. Our house is 112 years old and the upstairs is still a bit rustic. Mason's room also has several antiques in it, so I wanted his sign to be a bit rustic. I think it turned out nicely. I learned some things and will do some things differently next time. It took me somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour from start to finish. I may wait and give it to him for his birthday in a couple of weeks, or I might not. We shall see.

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